Ashley here. I've been told my laughter sounds like cupcakes. I'm where forestry meets geology meets fashion meets tea. I'm a 22 year old environmentally friendly, nail-art enthusiast, photo-adventure-seeking, college graduate, from Minnesota but currently living in Illinois with my boyfriend , Arthur <3 ( )


Happy birthday to my wonderful, beautiful fiancé Arthur :)

You are my guide, my teacher in so many things, my lover, and my best friend. We are so lucky to have gotten to continue our lives together in the same way and at the same time both at Northland and then again at Penn State for graduate school. I hope that this luck continues for us throughout our lives, but as long as I have you I am already the luckiest person in the world. I love you so much, and forever, and can’t wait to be your wife.

Happy birthday, Arthur <3


Have you heard of the mystery of the sailing stones? It’s not a Hardy Boys novel — it’s the strange phenomenon of rocks leaving zig-zagging tracks across Death Valley.

Well, they solved the mystery at last.

Image: Momatiuk - Eastcott/Corbis / Video: Jim Norris

Thanks desk graffiti!  I will try :)

Thanks desk graffiti! I will try :)




Yo Nicki is legit fed up with people talking about her ass, though. Look at her face yo. She is genuinely INSULTED and not having it.

Like this is a woman who just likes what she does and all anyone can ever focus on is her fucking ass and the fact she got ass shots or whatever. She’s not stupid. Give it a fucking rest.

James Franco ain’t shit. 

When did he do this to her? 

I found it. [x]

This is scripted, though…

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